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And Less T-shirts & Tops

You will always find a delicate selection of T-shirts and tops in the And Less collections. And Less are providing you with the basic T-shirts and tops in delicious fabrics and the perfect fit. The basic And Less T-shirt are always available in the colors of the season. Recognize the feminine tops from And Less on the small delicate details, as fabric covered buttons, cotton-silk fabrics and flattering fits. And Less tops can always be mixed and matched with the rest of the collection – use the as layer on layer with a shirt or keep it simple by styling a top with a pair of classic pants from And Less.

Shop your And Less T-shirt or top online 24/7 in our And Less web shop. Free delivery on all orders above 99 EUR. Scroll through the variety of And Less T-shirts and tops, and get inspired for this season’s trends.
And Less

And Less takes its starting point in the Scandinavian simplicity, the Nordic thoughtfulness and last but not least in the tradition for craftsmanship. A balance between past and future traditions and modernism. Our ability to highlight luxury can be sensed, touched and felt in our designs and in our good craftsmanship as well as choice of materials. We apply a minimalistic approach with refined textiles and weaves with an eye for the small feminine details. And Less is uncompromising when it comes to quality, which clearly visible in the passion we put into our design, clothing and brand as a whole.
Our attitude also shines through in the choice of colors, but contrasts are a significant factor. Therefore, the calm and classic shades are dominating our palette, now and then twisted by contrasts.

We are not just creating clothes in a style you would only wear to work, but a style you also want to wear out in the surroundings, where you enjoy your social life after work. The design fits the situations of the evolving everyday life regardless of age. This ensures that you are always dressed for the unexpected.

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